Inspired by Benedictine spirituality, the Saint Bede Studio is dedicated to providing dignified, beautiful garments for the Rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

The vestment-making work of the Studio is largely a re-interpretation for modern use of ancient and mediaeval designs. Aesthetics, Tradition and Christian symbolism are the active ingredients of our work, all mixed in with good proportions and practicality. Much consideration goes into all our designs, based on years of research into the history of sacred vestments and using fabrics from all around the world.

Vestments are not commodities to us: they are garments made for Sacred purposes. Our vestments are not mass-produced in factories, but are hand-made by Catholics for Catholics, the product of careful attention, prayer and devotion. Great care goes into the selection of fabrics to provide striking beauty, but also ease of use and durability.

We also design decorative schemes and liturgical furnishings for our churches in the Romanesque, Gothic and other styles.

The Studio maintains two blogs to illustrate its work and to provide commentary on the history and aesthetics of the Sacred Liturgy and Sacred Architecture. Links to these Blogs are given on each page of this website.

In assisting you, we do our best to meet your needs and wishes, but we will also make suggestions to facilitate the best result.

Ut in omnibus Deus glorificetur!